Injecting new life into your PC

Hikvision E100I/E100NI, consumer-level SSD

Micron 3D NAND Flash, BGA mounting for better stability. SATA3.0, 6Gb/s interface, supporting hotplug, applicable for laptops and desktops.

Better stability

Fast transfer speed

Easy to install

Anti-vibration, low temperature, noiseless

Fully electronic chips, no moving parts, running silently at low temperature, anti-vibration for enhanced security.

Full electronic chip

Internal structure

Low temperature and noiseless


Data loss security

Shock and fall

Small size, big capacity

Maximum capacity up to 1TB in a light and thin body.

Multiple interfaces to choose from

Supporting 2.5-inch SATA(E100I) and M.2 SATA(E100NI)