H100 private cloud A secure

cloud for your home

H100, the cloud solution specially designed for data storage. Recommended for Home, SOHO, and SMEs.

8 TB 2-Bays for

enhanced data security

2-Bays architecture supports up to 8TB data storage, allowing disk mirroring for backup of important information - for your peace of mind




1080P movie





Back up your
family's album

Nostalgic photos of your parents, key milestones of your children's growth and more can be backed up in a single step - capturing beautiful moments for eternity

Remote access anytime, anywhere

With APP "Hikbox", you can access your media anytime, so that you no longer miss any moment of your child growing up - feel the love and be in the moment, even if you may be elsewhere

Samba supported, multi-screen interaction

Pictures and videos accessible from multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TV sets - your personal multimedia center


Tablet PC



User-friendly with personalized design

Double shock reduction, multi-level intelligent fan heat dissipation, low energy consumption.

Ultra low power, more energy saving and more environmentally friendly

dormant power consumption power is only 3.6W, while consuming only 7.6W access. The average consumption of electricity is only 0.086 degrees per day.

Test environment: through Samba computer local data at the same time 2 pieces of 2.5 inch 1TB mechanical hard disk, 2 U disk (TypeC\USB2.0 connection), SD card continued to write data.