Surveillance can be cost effective

L2 video surveillance card is applicable to all Hikvision IPCs

TLC storage medium, high compatibility, low cost, applicable to a wide range of scenarios such as light demand on video recording or relatively simple use such as light storage, backup storage, etc.

Unique algorithm; highly durable

The unique "video stream data balancing algorithm" is specially designed to optimize constant stream writing at high speed.

All-day 24/7 recording; more cost effective

Fully capable of light storage, low bit rate all-day video recording, etc. The large capacity 128GB allows for all-day video recording.

Strong compatibility

According to the optimization of Hikvision storage system, L2 can cover more products. Using L2 in conjunction with Hikvision cameras will lead to better overall performance

No environment is too complex

L2 series TF cards are water-proof, vibration-proof, and can withstand X rays, high/low temperatures, thus ensuring optimal performance in any environment.